Residential, Respite (Short Break) Management

A Booking solution for Service Providers in the Public, Private and Charity sectors.

i-SocialCare is an Integrated Database Management System suitable for supporting the placement of Service Users in Respite (Short Break), Residential and other Care Services within a Local Authority.

Emergency Out of Hours Placement
i-SocialCare, as an "always available" system, enables Hospitals, GPs and other Care Professionals access to the system to determine where emergency beds are available. Contact details are easily available allowing the Service User to be placed in a more suitable service where previously a hospital stay would have occurred.

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Booking Management for Residential Care Homes, Respite and Day Service care providers

i-BedBooking - Intelligent Booking Management

The bottom line for residential service providers - local authorities, charity and private residential homes alike - is Service Management. Without immediate access to accurate room availability information, managing residential homes and respite day centres becomes a logistical headache, time-consuming, labour-intensive and open to error. Assessing residential care home waiting lists, bedroom occupancy levels or day centre room usage, becomes a major undertaking.

iBedBooking - available as standalone bed booking software or as an integrated room reservation module within the iSocialCare residential home software suite - solves all these problems and more. The complete solution to residential and respite bed management, iBedBooking allows local authorities and residential care companies to manage their service user waiting lists effectively, book any room by increments from a single minute to months at a time, share room booking calendars across the business to maximise occupancy levels and minimise double-booking errors, and in so doing provide the best possible care to your residents and day visitors.

The best and most appropriate level of care should be the priority when identifying room availability for the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable adults and children. iBedBooking is easily customised - every care home room can be categorised and described with a checklist of features, which makes finding the right care home, and the right bedroom, fast and straightforward. At the same time, the iBedBooking internet portal allows potential private care home clients, charities and internal staff to quickly evaluate available residential care homes and respite day centres by their service levels, costs, postcode location and travelling distances - and of course room availability.

The real strength in the iBedBooking module though is its sphere of influence within care home management. Integration with CRM systems, needs assessment modules and care home financials makes running a care centre far more cost-effective so that budgets stretch further. Care home managers have a management portal which helps them plan staffing level more accurately as well as record actuals in a simple, intuitive way. What's more, those actuals can be fed directly into finance systems to ensure the fastest payment cycle possible.

iBedBooking also supports social workers and personal budget holders in maximising the effectiveness of care plans with their available resources, using tools like assessment questionnaires and waiting list management.

As a real-time bed management tool, sudden changes in service user situation can be added and tracked across the system immediately, which makes internal communication stronger and keeps attendance and occupancy rates and costs continuously accurate. Custom queries allow data interrogation and the ability to run full reports featuring up-to-the-minute performance results too.

It's the most comprehensive and efficient bed booking software available to UK local authorities, private residential care homes and respite day care centres. So take the stress out of care home management and contact us today to arrange a no-obligation software demonstration.

Your staff - and the people in your care - will be glad you did.

iBedBooking features summary
  • Intuitive bed booking process
  • Needs assessments calculation
  • Management information reporting layer
  • Waiting list management
  • Client portal
  • Personal budget management
  • Provider portal
  • Interface to existing customer management systems
  • Interface to existing finance systems
  • Optional MS Office interfaces
  • Secure web hosting
  • Off-site back-ups
  • HTTPS security
  • Fully configurable
  • Fully secure

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Flexible booking engine for different types of care

Service Provisions

i-SocialCare supports all common Service Provision booking types, which may be room based, or session based.

  • Residential
  • Emergency
  • Respite Placements
  • Rolling Day Service
  • One-off bookings

If we have missing something off the list, or you have a specific requirement, we would be most happy to discuss your requirements.

Contact us today to see how we can support your Residential, Respite and Day Service business requirements and needs.